Dom Perignon

The inaugural edition of Dom Pérignon Champagne was crafted in 1921 and hit the market in 1936, making its way to New York aboard the luxury cruise ship Normandie. Initially owned by Champagne Mercier, the brand was later acquired by Moët in 1927. Prior to the 1943 vintage, Dom Pérignon was concocted from regular Moët Champagne matured for an extended period and transferred to 18th century-style bottles. Since the 1947 vintage, Dom Pérignon has been crafted independently, always using a combination of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay.

On the Steps of Dom Perignon

Dom Perignon no longer offers tours but you can see the same cellar complex where Dom is aged on a special semi private Moet Collection Tour followed by a double vintage Moet tasting. Before leaving you can visit the boutique and order a glass of Dom Perignon.
In conjunction with your visit to Moet we will visit Dom Perignon’s tomb in Hautvillers.

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Extend your visit with the following experiences

Tasting or light lunch Perrier Jouet
Cellier Belle Epoque Champagne Bar offers continuous light meals, Perrier-Jouet cuvées, as well as cocktails every day during the summer.

Vine to Table: A Grand Cru Vineyard Experience
Following a tour of Moet, immerse yourself in an exclusive vine-to-table experience at select high-quality artisan family grower vineyards located in Champagne's primary sub-regions, each with its own unique attributes. This immersive experience offers wine enthusiasts the chance to savor terroir-driven cuvées with exceptional character, showcasing the winemaker's passion and dedication to capturing the essence of their terroir. Additionally, visitors will learn how terroir influences the style, acidity, and flavor profile of each Champagne. A key feature of each visit is a comparison tasting, where guests can compare the grapes, dosage, terroir, vintage, and still wines, both within and between different winemakers.

Veuve Clicquot & La Grande Dame
Relive the remarkable tale of Madame Clicquot, a 27-year-old woman who took over the House following her husband's demise in 1805, and succeeded in revolutionizing the world of champagne. Her accomplishments include creating the first vintage champagne in 1810, inventing the riddling table in 1816, and introducing the first blended rosé champagne in 1818. During your visit to the Veuve Crayères, the iconic cellars designated as a UNESCO World Heritage site, you will learn about Madame Clicquot's journey and how she earned the title of the "Grande Dame of Champagne" towards the end of her life. Following the tour, you will be treated to a tasting of our iconic Brut Yellow Label cuvée in Magnum, as well as La Grande Dame.

Dom Ruinart
Both Dom Perignon and Dom Ruinart were Benedictine monks, who both rest in the Abbey of Hautvillers. Although Dom Ruinart was a scholar and not involved in winemaking, he may have inspired his nephew to establish the first Champagne House in 1729. The Ruinart brand is renowned for its focus on Chardonnay, which is sourced from the Cote des Blancs and northern Montagne de Reims. Additionally, Ruinart boasts one of the most magnificent chalk cellars in the Champagne region and we can include a wonderful tour of their cellars followed by a double tasting.

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