Wine Immersion Experiences

Most people know the great Champagne Houses but wine enthusiasts love to discover new winemakers who produce high quality wines, and which represent outstanding value.

Our personalized tours and experiences, take into account your taste profile, travel style, and budget. Based on these criteria we will organize vineyard experiences to make the most out of your time in the Champagne region because every minute counts!

Any one of these experiences will give you the opportunity to feel part of a French family for a short time. Discover first hand how each family honours the previous generation of winemaker traditions, and how they are improving the quality of their Champagnes.

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Tresors de Champagne Special Club Tasting Tour

Trésors de Champagne was the first association of winemakers in Champagne advocating a very high quality approach to viticulture, working to preserve the typicality of their terroir, and express the characteristics of their wines.

Grand & Premier Cru Tour

In order to label a wine as Grand Cru, it must be sourced entirely from vineyards in Grand Cru villages and Pinot Noir and Chardonnay grapes are the only two grapes eligible for Grand Cru status.

Artisans Tour

Top artisan growers tend to follow organic and sustainable practices to obtain the best of both worlds and to potentially protect losing an entire harvest.  A number of them have achieved great notoriety among top reviewers, connoisseurs, and Michelin chefs.

Single Varietal Tour

Leading Champagne houses typically rely heavily on Pinot Noir and Chardonnay, but may only use Pinot Meunier as a stretching agent in entry-level Champagnes. Discover one or 2 single varietal Champagnes.

Haute Domaine Vine to Table Experiences

Haute Domaine is a collaborative venture that brings like minded champagne makers in each region together to share their passion for the Champagne lifestyle through qualitative in-depth Vine to Wine & Wine to Table experiences.

“Every sommelier I interviewed said they started their pairings with a glass of Champagne”. Wall Street Journal

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