Wine Immersion Experiences

Most people know the great Champagne Houses but Wine Enthusiasts love to discover new winemakers who produce high quality wines, and which represent outstanding value.

Our new tours and experiences do just that, through the following 5 programs to discover Champagne's best kept secrets.

 ▸ Trésors de Champagne Special Club
 ▸ Grand & Premier Cru Villages
 ▸ Artisan Grower Producers
 ▸ Discover Cote de Blancs, Montagne de Reims & Marne Valley
 ▸ Haute Domaine Vine to Table Winemaker Immersion Experiences

Haute Domaine

Haute Domaine is a collaborative venture that brings like minded Champagne makers together to share their passion for the Champagne lifestyle. We have partners in each region and several of them offer lunch and / or overnight stays. The aim is to offer wine enthusiasts exclusive curated and qualitative in-depth Vine to Table experiences.

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Walk in the Vines

A few of our partners will welcome guests in the vines, where they will present the history and philosophy of their estate and when possible sample the first cuvee.

Aroma Games

Smell, is the key sense to appreciate wine and this can be done externally (orthonasal olfaction ) or internally (retronasal olfaction). Knowing wine perceptions is 80% olfactory in nature. Discover the various bouquets and aromas you will find in Champagne.

Comparison Tastings

Comparison tastings are the cornerstone to each visit and there are many ways to compare grapes, dosage, terroir, by vintage, across cuvees, still wines, and between champagne makers.

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