Grand Cru Day Tour

In order to label a wine as Grand Cru, it must be sourced entirely from vineyards in Grand Cru villages and Pinot Noir and Chardonnay grapes are the only two grapes eligible for Grand Cru status. Our tour will include visits to at least 3 or 4 Grand or Premier Cru producers where you will be able to do multi tasting and compare Bruts, Extra Brut, Rosé and different vintages.

Our tour is a unique opportunity to sample a few of the best quality Champagnes, and understand how the styles vary according to the methods of production used, fermentation, ageing, yeasts, barrel selection, date harvested versus date bottled, and many other variables that are considered to create a specific style, which represents the terroir of each vineyard.

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Sample Itinerary

Half Day
 ▸ Visit 1 Rosé Grand Cru vineyard visit and tasting in Bouzy
 ▸ Visit 2 Pinot Noir Grand Cru vineyard visit and multi tasting

Full Day
 ▸ Visit 3 Cellar Tours & Single Grand Cru Vintage Cuvee Tasting at:
      Dom Perignon Vintage ( 50% Pinot Noir / 50% Chardonnay) or
      Taittinger Comtes de Champagne (Chardonnay) or
      Ruinart Dom Ruinart (Chardonnay)

Échelle des Crus

After the Champagne riots in 1911 , Champagne created the Échelle des Crus, a  percentile system, applying a set price for by a joint committee of growers and Houses for each harvest and based on an evaluation, quality and potential of the grapes from a village. Grand Cru villages received 100%, Premier Cru's 90 to 99% and everything else 80-89%. The labels indicate the region a wine was produced, but not always the grapes used. A bottle without a cru label may still contain Cru grapes.

There are 44 Premier Cru (First Growth) villages in Champagne are listed as "Premier Cru". A label with "Premier Cru" stamped on it must contain 100% Premier Cru grapes.

There are 17 Grand Cru (Great Growth) villages, which include Ambonnay, Avize, Ay, Beaumont-sur-Vesle, Bouzy, Chouilly, Cramant, Louvois, Mailly-Champagne, Le Mesnil-sur-Oger, Oger, Oiry, Puisieulx, Sillery, Tours-sur-Marne, Verzenay et Verzy. A label with a "Grand Cru" stamp must contain 100% Grand Cru.

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