Overnight Vineyard Package

Our vine to table overnight itinerary provides the right balance of experiences so just as each person's preferences are different so is the program we create for you at one of our partner vineyards where you will spend the night.

If you prefer a full service castle or hotel with a nice restaurant and be surrounded by vines, we can reserve one of these for you as well. Below is one example of a short vineyard stay program.

Below is one example of a short vineyard stay program.

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Day 1 . Afternoon 3hr Private Vineyard Tour

Meet your driver at 2:30pm and your choce of 4 Taster Tours

• Premier Cru 1 vineyard visit & tasting + 1 multi tasting-only stop.
• Grand Cru Pinot Noir or Rose vineyard visit & tasting + 1 multi-tasting stop.
• Dom Perignon's Hautvillers & Epernay visit PLUS 2 tasting stops.
• Veuve cellars visit & tastings (30mins) PLUS Double Cocktail Rich Tasting + 2 family vineyard tasting stops

• Check in to your top boutique vineyard before 6:30pm drop of at a local restaurant for dinner. Return to the accommodation by local taxi arranged by the restaurant

Day 2 . Morning Vineyard Visit & 5hr Private Lunch Tour

• Cellar & Cuverie visit plus a multi tasting at your vineyard accomodation

• Pick up at 11:45am and head to a grower vineyard for a tour and picnic or pairing lunch, you have the choice of 3 programs before drop off at the station.

• Grand Cru vineyard visit & tastings in Bouzy OR 2 vineyard multi tasting stops.

• Premier Cru village of Hautvillers and Dom Perignon's gravestone PLUS Visit 1 family vineyards & multi tasting OR 2 multi tasting stops.

• Epernay cellar visit at a lesser known high quality house.

Haute Domaine Experience Available at Historical Locations in the US

As you eat and drink during your vineyard lunch, consider the body or richness of both the food and Champagne, with neither overwhelming the other and the dominant character in the dish, which is usually the sauce, seasonings or cooking method, rather than the main ingredient.

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