Billecart Salmon

Join us on a day of Vintage Champagne tastings and a visit of world renowned Champagne Billecart Salmon.

Founded in 1818, Billecart Salmon is a prestige mid-size producer and the oldest continuously family-owned and operated house in Champagne located in Mareuil sur Ay (Montagne de Reims). This particular area combines the perfect conditions for the optimal growth of both Pinot Noir and Chardonnay.

The house philosophy is to harvest early with minimal grape handling keeping a strong acid structure to create a more elegant and delicate Champagnes. Each parcel is vinified separately and then blended to maintain the desired style. The wine undergoes a unique double-cold settling to avoid oxidation while retaining freshness. Fermentation is then initiated by adding dried yeast and left for up to 4-6 weeks in used barrels sourced in Burgundy to preserve the delicate fruit aromas.

Billecart’s non-vintage wines are aged for three-and-a-half to four years and its vintage champagnes for a minimum of eight to ten years.

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Cellar Visit and Triple Vintage Tastings at Billecart Salmon

Lunch at les Avizes or similar gastronomic restaurant

Afternoon Cellar Visit & Tasting Suggestions:

▸ Dom Perignon: 2009 Vintage (Private Cellar Visit):
▸ Moet et Chandon: Grand Vintage 2004 Brut & 2002 Rosé
▸ Veuve Clicquot: Brut Yellow Label and Cuvée La Grande Dame 2004
▸ Ruinart: Dom Ruinart or Dom Ruinart Rosé + Non Vintage Tasting

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