Grand Cru Day Tour

Embark on an inspiring journey through the renowned Champagne region, where the Grand Cru classifications signal the pinnacle of quality in Champagne production. Grand Cru vineyards exclusively use Pinot Noir and Chardonnay, the region's most celebrated grape varieties, while Premier Cru vineyards also include the robust Pinot Meunier. This classification is not merely a label but a guarantee of the highest quality grapes shaped by the unique terroirs of Champagne.

Whether it's a day trip or an overnight multi-region tour, discover why Champagne holds the title for the best sparkling wine in the world. Explore, taste, and fall in love with the timeless elegance of Champagne through our expertly guided tours.

Grand Cru Experience

With stops at multiple vineyards, you have the unique opportunity to refine your palate through tastings directly from the cellars. Experience the artistry of winemaking up close and discover how each vineyard's approach to sustainability and tradition contributes to the exceptional quality of their Champagne.

Our Grand Cru Day Tour offers an exclusive opportunity to sample 100% Grand Cru Pinot Noir in Montagne de Reims or Blanc de Blancs Chardonnays in the Cote des Blancs. Explore the Grand Cru villages such as Bouzy, famed for its Rosé Champagne. Consider pairing this experience with a cellar visit to legendary houses like Dom Perignon or Ruinart for a deeper insight into their prestigious blends.

Sample Itinerary for a Grand Cru Day Tour

10:00   Enjoy the crisp elegance of a vertical Chardonnay tasting
11:00   Delve deeper with a visit to explore Grand Cru blends
12:15   Relish a luxurious Grand Cru vineyard picnic lunch
14:00   Tasting stop of 100% Pinot Noir Lieux Dit cuvees
15:30   Grand Cru vintage and non vintage comparison tasting.

Explore Chardonnay's Elegance

Venture through Grand Cru villages including Avize and Cramant, where Chardonnay grapes reveal a vibrant, golden hue, often confused with Pinot Blanc due to their similar appearance. Visit members of L'Artisan du Champagne for panoramic views and a focused tasting of multi-Chardonnay vintages.

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