Krug Champagne House

Founded in 1843, Joseph Krug had the goal of blending wines of different years to produce a rich and consistent expression of pleasure. The House has a unique and singular approach, which has given it the reputation as the Haute Couture Champagne.

The prestige Krug Grande Cuvée is the signature champagne of the house and aged for over 20 years. Over 120 wines are blended in this Cuvee taken from 150 reserve wines from the previous 10-15 vintages and 250 wines from a single year.

Did you know that each Krug bottle has a distinctive character using the six digit number that appears on the back label. An interactive Krug application, available on mobile and tablet, allows you to scan the Krug ID and access the unique history: harvest challenges of the year revealed by Cellar Master Eric Lebel, ratings from experts, food inspiration to pair with each cuvee, as well as storage recommendations.


Exisiting Krug Clients
Reservations can only be made for existing Krug clients upon written proof from your wine retailer and must be a minimum of 3 months in advance. If you are lucky enough to be offered a visit to Krug.

• Personalized welcome at Maison Krug. 45mins
• Discovery of the House and Cellars 30mins
• Tasting "Journey into the Krug Universe" 45mins.

Non-Krug Clients
We offer an overnight luxury package which might look like this:

• Private cellar visit at Krug
• Private cellar visit at Dom Perignon
• 2 additional House or top vineyard visits
• 2 immersive vineyard lunch expereinces
• 3 star Michelin Star Diner paired with 3 vintage Krug Champagnes
• 1 night luxury suite at a 5 star hotel with breakfast
• Private driver for 2 days

Should you have the privilege of visiting Krug, we can enhance your experience by organizing an additional day tailored to your preferences. If you appreciate Krug's meticulous vineyard-by-vineyard and grape-by-grape vinification process, or their distinctive use of oak barrels, we can arrange visits to other wineries that employ similar techniques.

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